Solutions for
GSM and IMS networks

Our laboratory develops fault-tolerant systems and applications that help communications service providers create additional value for their subscribers and increase revenue.
Our solutions
Emergency call functionality
Converged infrastructure for a virtual private network
Service for the company's virtual PBX
Channel redundancy for stable operation of contact centers.
Guaranteed connection and call collision handling
The 112 complex
The solution ensures the execution of the order of the Ministry of Communications of Russia No. 607 dated 01.12.2016.
Redundancy for 8-800
The solution passes traffic to 8-800 numbers if the main service failed or there are network operation problems.
MVPN connections
online monitoring
This solution controls connections set on the MVPN service in real time.
It ensures orchestration of signaling traffic sessions between the MSC/MSS and the operator's billing system. No MVPN complex modifications required.
Virtual PBX services redundancy
Virtual PBX subscribers may not be able to make or receive calls if one of the network elements responsible for call processing is unavailable or isn’t working properly. The solution controls the operation of all nodes of the virtual PBX complex, timely detects node malfunction and directs the traffic to the redundant circuit.
The QNECT service
QNECT improves the quality of voice communication services. Our solution handles call collision, including calls from different networks, and guarantees a 100% connection without long wait. The service is provided when the subscriber is in the home region and in the roaming area.
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